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    Contract Advisory Services

    The United States government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Companies that sell to the government, either directly as prime contractors or indirectly as subcontractors, are in virtually every industry. While the particulars of their businesses may differ, these companies share at least one common characteristic — they are all subject to a complex set of laws and regulations that pose substantial business and compliance risks.


    We help government contractors manage the critical business and compliance risks associated with selling to the government. Our professionals bring to each engagement a unique combination of government contracting regulatory expertise, statutory interpretation/analysis, a full understating of the FAR/DFARS and contract administration and dispute resolution as well as an understanding of our clients’ business risks and challenges.

    Areas of Expertise for Contract Advisory Services

    Coolican Consulting’s professionals assist companies and their internal audit functions to design, develop and implement a cost-effective, sustainable methodology and approach for testing the effectiveness of internal controls that not only meets the requirements of FAR or DFARS standards, but also fits the company’s unique environment.

    • Statutory interpretation/analysis
    • Subcontract Management/Administration
    • Teaming Agreements
    • Responses to Cure Notice/Show Cause
    • CPARS evaluations
    • Understating the FAR/DFARS….
    • “As needed situational analysis”
    • Contract Administration
    • Small Business Compliance
    • Requests for Equitable Adjustment
    • Contract Claims
    • Negotiations
    • Contract review, analyses and negotiations
    • Change Orders
    • Government Ethics
    • GSA Schedules

    • Protests
    • Expert Witness
    • Scope Determinations
    • Contract Changes
    • Terminations
    • Contract Interpretation
    • Acquisition Planning
    • Competition Requirements
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Highly complex and regulated environment
    • Winning & Managing Contracts
    • Tailored services
    • Commerciality Determinations
    • Appropriations Law Understanding
    • Shaping Smart Business Decisions